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Nothing New

2008-07-16 00:09:24 by samman946

theres nothing new Im working on

EDIT 8-28: I have been working alot and school is about to start but I have started to work on a rpg game (lets see how far I will get untill i get bord

EDIT 12-1: nothing new is going to be added

pong 2.0

2008-05-19 00:05:36 by samman946

pong 2.0 has been released

EDIT: 5/29: im done with games for now. I think I will work on makeing an animation I already have two started. we will see how long that lasts.

EDIT: 6/6: ok Im not done with games I decided to make a flash and I got through like 60 frames then I got bord and I just one day decided to try and make space invaders. space invaders is turning out to be pretty fun and I guess I will finish it. maby I will finish my flash some other day.

EDIT: 6/13: the game got really confusing coding wise and now I foughd about onClipEvents and that should help alot but now I have to rewrite lots of code and it just sucks.

pong 1.0 release

2008-04-28 01:04:59 by samman946

well pong 1.0 has passed and Im happy now I will wait and see what people want for pong 2.0. I already have some stuff planned out for 2.0

> better graphics DONE
> better ai DONE
> achevments DONE
> more music DONE
> score board DONE
> save and load DONE

I have also resized the ball(smaller) and window(800 , 400). if anyone knows anyting about save and load can you please tell me I am totaly stumpt and it is probly the most important part in my next pong

programing C++ and java

2008-04-02 03:36:31 by samman946

well I'v been looking around for some programing tutorials for java or C++. I already know most of the basics but I am having trouble with classes and if you know anything about java programing then you know thats a big problem for me. also if you are looking on how to program in java or C++ I could probly show you some good starter tutorials.

EDIT: I found some help but if you are looking for help on programing in C++ or java I might be able to help

EDIT: >> this is a good forum to ask C++ questions you can probly ask other programing questions to

help me

2007-11-03 01:10:20 by samman946

ok so I need help were to get flash without paying

I dont want it illegaly

I dont want a virus

im not so new

2007-10-16 19:12:28 by samman946

wellllllllll im bord so im righting this AND I KNOW I CANT SPELL

ummmmmmmmmmmm woot halo3 came out and call of duty 4 is coming out soon. no one is reading this lol

im new

2007-07-29 02:23:00 by samman946

hi there just joint and its fun.but i dont think anyone is going to read this sooooooooooooooo thats it.